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Technology Expertise

IT Outsourcing Services is renowned for offering world-wide clients with most suitable options for hi-end, customized and cost competitive solutions. From years we are closely involved with various technologies and maintain updated knowledge of all of them. We possess various teams for all technologies and offer these technologies expertise to our clients.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified domain experts. They work in secured, safe and remote environment where they can use technology at its best and develop high quality of solutions. With superior standards, latest systems and sincere efforts of our technology specialists, we create breakthrough IT Solutions.

We are tech-savvy people who believe in offering most modernized and advanced technology expertise to various businesses.

IT Outsourcing Services’ technologies expertise includes:

  • Microsoft Technologies: Right from inception of Microsoft technologies we have recruited deeply knowledgeable and expert teams. Our team includes specialists for each technology and we serve your needs with hi-end and uncompromised Microsoft technologies services.
  • Open Source Technologies: Open source technologies are highly focused in our company as they involved huge volume of community support, is free natured and easily accessible for editing. We are competent in using various open source technologies and using them we develop cost-effective solutions.
  • Java Technologies: We have Java teams where there are programmers, designers and developers capable to create innovative and useful java solutions.
  • RIA Development: Rich internet application development need of any complexity is efficiently catered by our professionals. We create fully functional, feature-rich and compatible RIA’s as per your business needs.
  • Mobile Technologies: We thoroughly understand what mobile devices need and thus we offer fully functional, usable and feature rich applications that run flawlessly on client’s mobile devices.
  • Web Technologies: Our professionals help customers to leverage the immense power of web and increase their business value with our services. We solve the most complex problems efficiently and provide you with simple yet value-adding web solutions.
  • CRM Technologies: Vast experience in CRM and unfailing practices allow us to access CRM services with maximum potential.
  • Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS): With long working with various databases we are efficient to deliver cutting edge and very useful RDBMS to our clients.
  • Programming Languages: We help our customers succeed with our solutions that are developed by our programming languages’ experts. Our teams proficiently use all programming languages and offers unmatched productivity with solutions.
  • SAP Solutions: SAP is an area where our teams include handpicked experts and talents. We are masters in using best potential of SAP technology and we offer exactly suitable solutions for your business.

We have been helping numerous business verticals with our successful services and offer them with all technology expertise at trimmed costs.

Contact us for more knowledge on our technology expertise.