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HandWriting Services
IT Outsourcing Services gives you the personalized touch by helping you
ensure that communication remains more personal through handwritten
cards and letters and outsourcing handwriting services.

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Handwriting Services and Personalized Mailing Services

IT Outsourcing Services: An Ideal outsourcing partner for Handwriting Services

Handwriting Mailing Services

One should have the right attitude, the right introduction and the right message to develop valuable relationships. In today's digital dynamic world, with quite a bit of technology available readily, IT Outsourcing Services gives you the personalized touch by helping you ensure that communication remains more personal through handwritten cards and letters.

In a business it is your obligation to ensure that your clients don’t have the chance to forget you. Having achieved significant domain experience by successfully completing projects for retailers, manufacturers and service providers across diverse industries, IT Outsourcing Services guarantees you are foremost in the client’s mind.

We have a talented team of calligraphers and handwriting experts to personalize your cards with your name, choice of verse or your own custom verse or ink color, and return address.

  • Calligraphy
  • Cursive style writing
  • Handwriting Birthday cards, Invitations etc with personalized notes
  • Handwritten contents and addresses for mails

Calligraphy Writing

The popular art of Calligraphy has its origin in the cave paintings. It has survived through history despite the advent of modern technologies of printing and metal plate engravings. Calligraphy Writing with its peculiar identity and aesthetic value is still attracting a large section of letter-lovers. IT Outsourcing services has a talented team of calligraphers who have mastered the art of Calligraphy Writing. They will apply Calligraphy style of writing on your materials such as greeting cards, birthday cards, invitations and envelopes for personal and business purposes with unique design preferences and specifications.

Cursive Writing

This is a style of handwriting involving smooth strokes to connect the letters of a word. We provide comprehensive solutions to a variety of Cursive Handwriting, Mailing services requirements. We undertake projects of any size and complexity. We have experienced professionals possessing expertise in many types or styles of Cursive Handwriting.

Our Handwriting Mailing Services can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes and occasions including:

  • Addressing envelopes
  • Greeting cards
  • Program Menu
  • Table numbers
  • Place cards
  • Favorite poems/quotes
  • Business Mailings
  • Invitation envelopes (outer/inner)
  • Address labels
  • Certificates
  • Business cards
  • Announcements
  • Customer appreciation messages
  • Thanks giving notes
  • Invitations
  • Customer appreciation message
  • Announcing the launch of product or service
  • Envelope addressing
  • Thanks giving note
  • Follow-ups with prospective customers

Advantages of our Handwriting Services:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick turn-around processing time
  • Special attention for specifications like custom ink, color and material
  • Styles of handwriting followed as per instructions
  • Quality stationery
  • Customized shipping - including bulk shipments
  • High process capacity
  • Wide range of frame styles, and mat color combinations
  • Highly skilled calligraphers and handwriting experts

Our writers and artists are experts in the art of making beautiful and elegant handwriting mailing services. We can assure that the handwritten cards, invitations and envelopes prepared by us can send across your messages to the target audience effectively. We complete any project exactly on schedule and cost-effective irrespective of its complexity and volume.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We guarantee to protect the confidentiality of your and your customers' identifiable information which can be personal, official, business-critical or demographic. Considering the confidential nature of the information and data you provide, we assure not to disclose it to anybody.

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