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We offers electrical engineering services to deliver quality solutions to our global clients. We specialized in Electrical Design Drafting Services, Schemetic Drawings, 3D Harness Services at affordable cost in India.
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Eletrical Drafting Services

Electrical drafting services are critically important in construction activities. The electrical plans developed by the experts are used by workers in development, installation and repair of electrical equipment as well as wiring.

IT Outsourcing Services is a firm with exhaustive experience and expertise in drafting, drawing as well as design services. We have on board experienced draftsmen capable of delivering high quality drawings that meet the requirements of the clients.

The draftsmen have the expertise in CAD as well as CAE platforms and can create precise and high end plans. We have years of experience in providing drafting services catering to requirements of commercial as well as industrial buildings, residential buildings, educational and industrial buildings.

The electrical drafting services offered include:

  • Electrical diagrams and layouts including single line diagrams
  • Electrical power distribution as well as lighting system
  • Electrical panel schedule and site plan
  • Power layouts with detailed plans concerning receptacles, microwave, refrigerator etc.
  • Electrical 2D drafting services related to CCTV/Access Control/System Integration/PA Systems etc
  • Converting hand drawings or sketches into 2D electrical drawings.
The strict quality control processes in place ensure that the experts deliver solutions that can meet the requirements of the client.

IT Outsourcing Services provides solutions to the requirements of different clients such as architects, building contractors, electrical consultants, etc.

The strict quality control processes in place ensure that the experts deliver solutions that can meet the requirements of the client. NEC, IEC and other international standards are strictly adhered to in the development of the electrical plans. The development activity at IT Outsourcing Services is highly process driven as well as result oriented.

Benefits of services offered include:

  • The draftsmen possess expertise in using latest technologies including MicroStation as well as AutoCAD. Clients can be assured of customized and high quality solutions.
  • Clients stand to gain from timely delivery of plans. The services are designed to suit the specific requirements of each client and so guarantee complete value for money
  • With deep specialization in architectural, mechanical, structural areas, draftsmen can tackle even the most complex projects.

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