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We offers architectural rendering services to deliver quality results to our global clients. We have expertise in high quality 3d rendering services, 3d interior and exterior model rendering at affordable cost in India.
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360° Panoramic View

At IT Outsourcing services, we utilize exceptional and state of the art photo re-touches to combine several pictures in a single multiple-angle photo giving a 360° Panoramic View. The photo stitching technology has been applied to give this kind of view.

We provide healthy working conditions to our experts owing to which they are always ready to offer their best services to our clients.

360° Panoramic View has been evolved as one of the most effectual ways to market the real estate assets and other products. It facilitates the prospective buyers to rotate the property picture or the product photo and to examine it properly prior to buying. This even provides a life-like image of anything.

According to the client’s requirements, we provide the following services:

  • Photo Stitching – combining or stitching of multiple pictures of a product or property provided by the client to make a single photo having different angles giving 360° Panoramic View
  • Panorama Designing for Real Estate – Stitching of different real estate pictures to make a single panorama for clear view of property
  • Panorama Enhancement – We even improve the quality of pictures though our photo enhancement techniques prior to stitching them in a panorama.
  • Creating Visual Tour – Stitch the assorted pictures together to make a visual tour of real estate property or product.

Our Experts

IT Outsourcing Services boasts of possessing proficient panorama designers or stitchers who are quite competent to handle all types of work irrespective of the nature and the quantity.Our expert team members have been nurtured in an environment that is bias-free and full of encouragement of good work and talent.

The client who approached us, not only get a 360° Panoramic View of its product or property, but we also add value to its project by offering virtual tours of the product. Here are strengths of our staff that proves advantageous for our clients:

Why us?

  • On Time Delivery
  • Creative Group of Experts Handing over Excellent Projects
  • Less Response Time
  • Fair Communication
  • International Quality Services
  • Fully Equipped Studio with High-end Designing Tools

Try our services and you’ll be surprised by the quality and sure to come back to IT Outsourcing Services for all future needs.

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