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CAD Conversion | Outsource CAD Conversion Services India

IT Outsourcing Services: Effective Offshore Partner for CAD Conversion

Our CAD Conversion specialists are quite proficient in a variety of CAD software, such as: AutoCAD, Micro station, 12d Model, ArchiCAD, MapInfo, Turbo CAD, VISIO, Vector works and Revit.

Outsourcing CAD Conversion Services

To get your CAD Conversion work done at a very reasonable price with 100% quality guaranteed work, subcontract your requirement to IT Outsourcing Services. We have enough resources and rich experience to satisfy your needs.

Our CAD Conversion Services include:

CAD Conversion
  • Conversion of Raster to Vector
  • Topological Data Conversion into an Object Data
  • Integration of External Database into the Vector Data
  • Exporting Object Data Conversion to an External Database Table
  • Image and Vector Data Projection into a Desired Coordinate Systems
  • Clean-up of Complex Vector Data of Point, Line and Polygon Features
  • Creation and Attachment of an Attribute Object Data to a Specified Object

Besides this, our experts are pretty skilled in the field of converting paper plans and images to a wide variety of formats, such as: TIF, JPG, PDF and ECW. All these are a wide range of computer based tools that can convert your documents to any type of file format.

We offer CAD Conversion support for digitalizing a wide range of documents including the following:

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Civil Drawings
  • Machine Drawings
  • Cabling Layouts
  • Historical Archives
  • Elevations
  • Survey Maps
  • Construction Documents
  • Utility Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans Details

In addition to this, our professionals can also convert any drawing file to the extensive range of formats, such as: DWG, Auto CAD, DXF AutoCAD, DGN Microstation, ArchiCAD, MCD Vectorworks, DataCAD, VISIO, Architectural Desktop, RVT Revit and TCW TurboCAD. Do count on IT Outsourcing Services for value-addition & cost-reduction solutions.

Apart from customized solutions, we will provide you with the quality scanning solutions of all the images. By outsourcing your CAD Conversion requirements to IT Outsourcing Services, you will get away with the time consuming job of Browsing through the files, Printing & Copying, Drafting Tables, and Sorting & Managing of the Projects, thus our professionals will provide you with the high accuracy CAD conversion project owing to an advanced technology.

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