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3D Modeling | Outsource 3D Modeling Services India

IT Outsourcing Services: Effective Offshore Partner for 3D Modeling Services

IT Outsourcing Services is India based 3D models service provider that provides custom-made 3D modeling solutions for any type of 3D Modeling project.

Outsourcing 3D Modeling Services

Get 3D Modeling Services for a wide cross section of industries:

3D Modeling Services
  • Surfacing
  • Animation
  • Exploded Assembly
  • Product design and its modeling
  • 3D of Manufacturing components and their assembly
  • 3D Sectional views of Pipe section, Industrial Air Blower, Aircraft wing, Engine block assembly, Heat exchanger etc.
  • 3D Assembly modeling of automobile components, aviation parts, automated assembly line etc.
  • Assembly Interference Check wherein design flaws of the individual parts are rectified

Here at IT Outsourcing Services, you can expect your projects to be completed within a stipulated time. Our highly skilled 3D professionals when producing a photo-realistic and conceptual image make sure that a high quality standard is maintained.

Our extremely qualified & experienced team of CAD engineers can bring-out your innovative ideas into the 3D models quite inventively and efficiently that too at a dirt cheap price.

Our proactive team of experts is capable of creating the realistic 3D models of:

  • Dies, Jigs and Fixtures
  • Plastic Products like: Moulds, Bottles, etc.
  • Locomotives and Parts which are found in the Automotive Industry
  • Equipments in the Process industry, Power plants, Water treatment plants, sewage plants and material handling plants

Our 3D Modeling Services exclusively includes 3D Mechanical Modeling and 3D Architectural Modeling Services. For quality 3D Modeling Services, we make use of AutoCAD (Version -14 to 2005), ADT, MDT, Inventor 9, Pro-E( Wild Fire 1), Solid Edge 16, Solid Works 2003, and Giza, CAP Architect(2020 Technologies) , 3D Max - Walkthrough, 2D & 3D,I-deas-11 and UG-18.

Besides creating your 3D modeling projects with the zing of realism and dynamic impact, we can also render some effects on them as well by depicting a light effect, like: Sunlight vs. Shadow, etc. In addition to all this, we can also lend you a big hand in reorganizing a hi-quality, detailed, true three-dimensional models.

If you interested to outsource 3D modeling projects or would like to see samples of our 3D modeling works, please feel free to Contact us.