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IT Outsourcing Services finish your work with high quality at
lowest price which is highly economical and would drive the
competition crazy.





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Pricing Structure

We finish your data entry Jobs at low price which is highly economical and would drive the competition crazy.


Pricing of services is very sensitive issue as it involves comprehensive understanding of scope of work. However, some estimates can be made which depends on:

  • Sample of Data
  • Required Accuracy
  • Volume of Data
  • Turnaround Time
  • Cost of Transportation etc.


ITO requires a representative sample of the data prior to confirmation of the prices. The normal charges apply to easily legible data, either printed, typewritten or in very neat handwriting in the English language. We do not guarantee levels of accuracy for poor quality data such as very pale photocopies, very dark photocopies or difficult to decipher handwriting. The poor quality drastically slows down the operators. This also leads to increased charges. 

Our minimum charge is for 2 Megabyte. All prices are subject to change without notice. 

We are capable of working with French/Dutch/German data.

We look forward to work with you !!

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